How you can help

The Permaculture Local resource is being built by people just like you who are working together on a global project. To get involved, start by looking around and reading what we are about. Then, open an account on When you see a place where you can offer a correction or improvement, jump right in! Most of the pages on the website and in the databases are editable by members of the community. Don't worry, your changes are subject to review and approval by our experienced curators. Please read the Content Guidelines for each section of the site where you would like to contribute.

Here are some ways that you can contribute to the community as we get started:

  • Research
    • New plants for the database
    • Identify the bioregions of the world
  • Author
    • New plant entries in the database
    • New pages in the Community Notebook
  • Editor
    • Update existing entries
    • Editorial approval of new and updated entries
  • Graphic Art design and production
    • Logo and layout
    • Icons to represent data values
  • Become a Supporting Member or Donate!
    • Help to feed our web developer
    • Contribute to start-up expenses
    • Support the availability of this resource to the world