Open Plant Profile Pages Directly

You can open a particular plant's profile page directly by building a URL with a predictable pattern. This can be useful when you would like to reference the species from a blog, article or discussion, or if you are building an application which works with species and you would like to leverage the PCL Species database as a back-end reference.

To access the full species profile when you know it's scientific name:

http: //[genus]/[species]/[infraspecific epithet]
http: //[genus]/[species]/[cultivar name]
http: //[genus]/[species]

Capitalization is not important in the URL. Include the cultivar name as it is written without replacing spaces, hyphens or apostrophes.

To activate the Google image search within the PCL plant profile, add the following parameter to the URLs above:

?search=[genus]+[species]+[infraspecific epithet]
?search=[genus]+[species]+[cultivar name]

To open a description of the genus:
http: //[genus] (these are mostly empty at the moment)

For a comparison of varieties, cultivars, etc. within a species:
http: //[genus]/[species]

For a list of all taxa within a genus:
http: //[genus]

Not all species are included in the PCL Species database, but only those that are considered useful to humans in the context of Permaculture systems. We intend to distribute the PCL Species taxonomy through web services to other websites which use the PCL Species database as a reference service. This will help to ensure accurate look-up in the database.