Search the Resource Knowledgebase

To see the Florida Community Resources or Florida Professional Directory listings that were recently imported from the former Florida Permaculture Networker website, look in the left hand menu and click on the Florida Community Resources or Florida Professional Directory link. These pages are provided temporarily while the information is being indexed in the Resources Knowledgebase and will be replaced with a search page that draws the same information from the knowledgebase.

When you are ready to explore the Knowledgebase, click on Resources in the left hand menu. Below the left hand menu, select your Bioregion of interest and click 'set'. Currently, most of our interesting local data is in North Florida, Central Florida and Greater Everglades. The system will remember your setting until you change it again.

Now, you can explore the Topics which are available in the lower part of the left hand menu.

When you are exploring a local bioregion, the knowledgebase will display local resources in that bioregion as well as regional and/or worldwide resources for that topic when they apply. If you set the Bioregion selection to a broader region (such as tropical or worldwide), the listings will not show "local-only" resources, but will show those that apply to the larger region that you are searching and those which cover a broader scope.

Many of the resources that we will link you to (such as books and websites) are protected by copyright. Please be aware of the copyright status of any resource that you would like to copy and respect the efforts of the people who work hard to create this information for you. Buy the book, don't steal it! The copyright status of each resource is indicated when you click "Read more" to see it's detail page.