Search the Species Database

You can search for plants within the Species database in three different ways:

Search by name
If you know the scientific name, or the accepted common name for a plant, you can use the Search by Name page to find the plant profile that you are looking for. Type in a few letters of the name into the Scientific name or Common name text box. The more you enter, the more specific the search will be. The site will come up with some suggestions from the species index. Click 'Apply' to search for plant profiles that match your search terms.

Search by characteristics
This search will help you to find a list of plants which have the characteristics you are looking for. The options include growth habit, shade tolerance, drought tolerance and nitrogen fixation potential. In addition, the Advanced tab allows you to define the minimum temperature (cold hardiness) the plant must survive and minimum and maximum precipitation amounts which are tolerated by the plant.

Search by region
This search is currently experimental. Search by region is very similar to the Search by characteristics but will also filter results to plants which are known to grow endemically in your region. Select a region using the box on the right sidebar. Click 'Apply' to update the search results using the new region. Currently, the only regions available with relevant data are US States and Counties in Florida, USA.